November Birthday Table RSVP today!

RSVP to Mrs. Richardson (801) 489-7828 by Friday, November 7 by 1:00 pm. The Birthday Lunch Table is the 2nd Monday of each month. All children celebrating a birthday that month and their parent(s) are invited to participate in this fun tradition. If parents would like to purchase lunch from the cafeteria the cost is $2.75. If parents plan on attending, you must RSVP to Mrs. Richardson in the office — (801) 489-7828 — by the Friday before. Please plan on attending lunch with your child during their lunch time.

Lunch Times
1st – 11:00-11:30
2nd – 11:10-11:40
3rd – 11:20-11:50
4th – 11:30-12:00
5th – 11:40-12:10
6th – 12:00-12:30
7th – 8th – 12:45-1:15

birthday cake

Science Fair Information K-4 (entry forms due Nov. 7)

Reagan Academy Science Fair Information For Kindergarten through 4th Grade

The Reagan Academy Science fair is open to participation for students of all grade levels.  If you are interested in participating please review the following information.

Important Dates:
•       November 7 – Entry forms due.  Please turn them into Mrs. Richardson at the front desk.
•       November 20 – Science Fair, Projects will need to be put up in the morning before school.  Parents are welcome to come see all the projects from 6 to 7:30pm.
•       November 20 – Awards Assembly will be held at 7:30pm.

Entry Form
•       An entry form is required for each student;
•       If students are working with a partner or in a group they should list the names of their group members on the entry form.
•       A research plan should be completed and a copy submitted with the entry form.

Experimental Rules:
•       Reagan Academy follows the experimental rules established by ISEF and CUSEF.
•       Experiments involving human subjects, non-human vertebrate animals, controlled substances, hazardous substances or devices, and potentially hazardous biological agents require approval.  See the attached Experimental Rules page for more information.

Display for the Fair:
•       The ISEF/CUSEF rules have several limitations on what can be displayed please read the rules page for more information.
•       It is not necessary for the actual experiment or project to be on display at the science fair. The display should demonstrate the scientific thought and processes that were followed and show what the student learned.
•       The maximum display size is 30 inches deep by 48” wide by 108” tall.  It will need to stand on a table, so tri-fold displays or a poster on an easel are good choices.
•       Be sure to keep and include a project notebook in your display.