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Who participates in Inspirations? Inspirations is a program for Charter Schools. Currently, it only takes place in Utah, but we hope to eventually expand and be a nationwide program.

What are the categories? Statewide, we have 9 categories: Literary Composition, Musical Composition, Visual Art, 3D Art, Photography, Theatre, Choreography / Dance, Film / Video and Digital Art.

How many entries can a student submit? Each student may submit one entry for each category.

What are the age divisions? We have 4 age divisions:
– Kindergarten – 2nd grade
– 3rd grade – 5th grade
– 6th grade – 8th grade
– 9th grade – 12th grade

Will everyone win an award? Every student that participates will receive a certificate and a treat for their hard work. We also award for 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and usually one or two Honorable Mention places. However, only 2 entries per category and age group will advance to compete at the Regional level. At the Regional level, again 2 entries per category and age group will win medals and advance to compete at the State level. At the State level, trophies will be given to 2 entries per category and age level. While this is technically a “competition,” the point of the program is to encourage our students to be creative and express their individuality. We hope that the awards assemblies will reflect that purpose.

How do you find your judges? Judges for the program come from the community. As a school, we are responsible for finding the judges for our school level competition. The judges are impartial and not connected to the school. The judging will be blind-judging. The schools hosting the Regional and State level assemblies will be in charge of finding judges for those levels of competition. They should be different judges than the ones used at the school level. Judges should have knowledge, expertise or experience in the category they will be judging. They can be found anywhere in the community: Librarians, Authors, teachers at another school, local artists, newspaper or TV media, professional photographers, interior decorators, dance instructors or professional dancers etc…

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at

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