Exciting Lunch Options


Pizza Monday

We are very excited to announce that next Monday, the 22nd,  we will be starting a trial period of service with Tenny’s Pizza from Provo! They will be delivering us fresh hot white flour crust pizza with a choice of pepperoni, or plain cheese toppings. We will be having a whole grain roll, breadstick, or other whole grain side dish offered with the pizza to stay in compliance with the School Nutrition Program guidelines.

Parfaits Galore

Beginning the 29th of September we will be adding a fruit parfait to our main dish lunch choices Monday-Thursday. This will be our fourth menu item offered on a regular basis, excluding Friday. Your student will also have the option to make a side salad, or choose from a variety of fresh vegetables from the fruit and vegetable bar to complete their meal.

Friday Breakfast Smoothies

We will stop serving smoothies at 8:00 on Friday mornings so that there is time for everyone who takes one to have time to drink it. Smoothies are not allowed in the halls or classrooms.

Tracking your lunch account balance

If you have not signed up for your myschoolbucks.com account yet, we ask that you please consider it. This account is free to sign up for, and will be the only way to get lunch account balance alerts sent to you this year. You may pay money to your child’s lunch account this way for a small service fee but it is not necessary. You may still bring money to the school to pay your child’s account, but we can only accept debit or credit through your myschoolbucks.com account.