From the Director

Hello Everyone,

We want to thank everyone that took the time to fill out the surveys before Christmas.  The feedback was both encouraging and useful.   The school has received the highest grade that the surveying institution awards based on the survey results.   In order to receive this grade all survey results (parents, staff, elementary students, and middle school students) had to meet a certain criteria and two of those had to be near perfect.  We appreciate the support we receive from the parent community.

As we begin another new calendar year it was also great to read the comments made under the question of how can we make our school better.  By far, the most common requests revolved around more clarity and understanding between the different areas of the school as well as better communication and support from school to home.  This last week some great training took place with our teachers in these areas.  Specifically in the areas of teacher website updating and management, parent reminders through text message, and the use of SIS as a communication tool.  Our teachers are amazing and work very hard to help students have success.  We value you as partners in that process.  If a teacher is struggling with some of these communication methods, take a moment to visit with them.  They care a great deal about your children and are always happy to help.

I would also like to announce some ways for you to communicate any concerns or great ideas to Justin and I directly.  The website has a “Contact Us” link.  This form goes directly to my email inbox and I strive to respond within 1 business day to any emails.   Another way that many parents have found success is dropping by the school to talk directly with us.  Very close to 100% of the time if you drop in you will be able to speak with one of us or the other within a very short amount of time.  It really is a true open door policy.   The third thing that I would like to mention is our monthly parent breakfast meeting called “Donuts With The Directors”.   This meeting is held on the first Tuesday of every month with the goal of having an open house format where parents can come discuss questions, concerns, ideas, or anything that they might want more information on while in an informal setting.  We are excited to announce that  starting immediately we will move one of these meetings per term to an evening so that those who are unable to attend in the mornings will still have the opportunity to come and visit with us.  The first of these will be held concurrently with our next SEP’s Feb. 19th and 20th.  More information will be forthcoming and I look forward to seeing you there.

Thank you again for trusting Reagan Academy with your child’s education.  We care about them and are committed to their success.

Brian Myrup

Reagan Academy

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