3rd Grade Hershey Track

Congratulations to all of our 3rd graders who participated in their first Hershey Track Meet!

An extra congratulations to our students who placed:

Boys Long Jump: 2nd place Liam Nelson

Girls Long Jump 5th place Elise Barson

3rd place Brooklyn Riggs


Boys 50 M 2nd place Liam Nelson

Boys 100 M 3rd place Liam Nelson

2nd place Cayden Bowers

1st place Cristian Garcia


Boys Softball Throw: 5th place Cayden Bowers

Girls Softball Throw: 3rd place Kayla Flores


Congrats to our 4th Grade Hershey Track!

Great job to all of those students who participated in the Hershey Track meet! Here are the students who placed!


Long Jump

Boys- Eli Earl (71 inches)


800 Meter

Boys-  2nd Place Ben Millward (2:46:62)

Girls-  4th Place Kami Myrup (3:33)


400 Meter

Boys- 5th Place Ben Millward (1:20:62)

Girls- 3rd Place Rebecca Hopkins (1:30:48)


200 Meter

Boys- 4th Eli Earl (32:83)

Girls- 4th Rebecca Hopkins (35:87); 5th Katrina Mellor (35:94)


100 Meter

Boys- 4th Eli Earl (15:29)

Girls- 6th Katrina Mellor (16:67)


50 Meter

Boys- 6th Ben Carson (8:14)


Hershey Track Meet – 6th Graders

Congratulations to our 6th graders for working so hard at the Hershey Track Meet! An extra congrats to those who placed!


Softball Throw

2nd place: Mia Snarr

3rd place: Taylor Fagan


Long Jump

1st place: Jacob Clawson


Long Jump

6th place: Abbie Palmer



4th place: Ethan Marshall

5th place: Aaron Christensen



1st place: Gracie Knutzen

2nd place: Olivia Gonzales



1st place: Cooper Riggs



1st place: Emily Koger



1st place: Jacob Clawson



4th place: Gracie Knutzen

6th place: Adrianna Brown



1st place: Jacob Clawson