Lunch Account Balanaces

Reminder!   All lunch account balances need to be paid by the last day of school!

There are several ways to find your child’s lunch account balance and make your payment –

• – This is the only way you can pay by credit card.
•       Come visit with us in the lunchroom during school hours.
•       Inquire at the front desk.
•       Drop a payment in the box at the front desk.


Please don’t forget to prepay until the end of the year so you don’t have another bill coming.

New Lunch Menu

Check out Reagan Academy’s new lunch menu at

· View menus online, PDF, mobile, email.
· See the nutritionals for every menu item
· Color pictures for many items straight from our kitchen.
· Carbohydrate counter.
· Rate the menu items for better communication between students and the lunch room. Let us know your favorite menu items!
· FREE APP for smartphones, Ipad, tablets available in Itunes and Google.


Lunchroom Changes


Dear Parents,

Our lunchroom is thriving this year, and we would like to let you know about some coming changes to our lunch program. We would also like you to discuss some of these topics with your children, so that we can have a better functioning breakfast/lunch program. If you, or your children, have any questions please feel free to come visit with me after school any afternoon.

First, our breakfast program is going great this year, and we are happy to see so many excited smiling faces every morning. But, please remember the breakfast program is for students that did not have breakfast at home that morning. We are having many students eating school breakfast as a second breakfast, and throwing away the items they don’t want. Discarded food items are costing our school additional funds that could stay with the free breakfast program to help our school maintain this wonderful program. We are hoping that you can help our students understand that they are welcome to come eat a breakfast with us when they need to, but this is not a second breakfast or snack program. I am sure that together we can resolve this issue to help keep our breakfast program going for years to come.

Second, we would like to experiment with helping our community food bank. They are always in desperate need of milk. We can help them by starting a donation bin for any UNOPENED, NOT ABUSED, cartons of milk that the kids are not going to drink. Our first hope is that they drink their milk. But, if they change their minds, we would prefer they donate it to the bin in the lunchroom than throw away good milk that could go to our communities less fortunate. We are working on helping the kids understand that they are not required to take milk, that by USDA standards they need to have three food groups on their tray, one of them being a fruit or vegetable in a minimum of half-cup portion, or fruit and vegetable in a combined half cup portion. We also provide water as an alternative to milk for those who are intolerant or do not wish to have milk. We are looking for parent volunteers to help transport the donated items to the food bank twice a week. Volunteers will receive 30 minutes of volunteer time. Please contact me if you are interested.

Third, we have been working on getting our lunch balance notifications sent via email and we are ready to start this next step in our program! Every Friday any student that has a -$10.00 balance or higher with the lunch program will have an email notification sent to their parents so that we can all stay on top of our students lunch accounts a little better. We are excited to have better and more consistent communication with all our Reagan Academy families and hope this works out for everyone.

Thank you for the opportunity to work with your children every day and get to know them better. We love them!

Marci Johnson

Lunchroom Announcement

Dear Parents,

Children need healthy meals to learn, and Reagan Academy offers healthy meals every school day. Your children may qualify for free or reduced price meals. Have you filled out your free/reduced application yet? You can pick one up at the office.

•         Who can get free/reduced meals?
o   Students can get free/reduced meals if your household income is within the limits of the Federal Income Guidelines listed on the application. Income limits have changes. If you didn’t qualify before, you may now.

•         Do I need to fill out an application for each child?
o   No. Complete one free/reduced price application for all students in your household. We cannot approve an application that is not complete, so be sure to fill out all the required information.

•         What if my income is not always the same?
o   List the amount that you normally get.

•         If I don’t qualify now, may I apply later?
o   Yes. You may apply at any time during the school year. If your household size changes, you lose your job, income goes down, etc. – re-apply.

•         My student’s application was approved last year. Do I need to fill out another one?
o   Yes.

2013-2014 School Year Full Meal Prices: $2.10 – students, $2.75 – parents/adults


Kitchen Job Postings

Dishwasher – 1 position Listing Dates: 7/17/2013 to 8/22/2013

M-TH 10:30am-approximately 2:00pm. We are looking for an honest, hard working team player to prep and wash dishes, prep and serve food, help with general cleaning, and contribute a positive attitude to our kitchen. This position requires the employee to be on-task, self-motivated, follow verbal instruction, and understand the importance of food safety. A food handler’s permit is required. Must be able to lift 30 lbs. Please contact Marci Johnson to apply at or 801-489-7828 option 2.

Foods Worker – 3 positions Listing Dates: 7/17/2013 to 8/22/2013

1 position – M-F 7:30am-12pm, 2 positions – M-F 9am-approximately 2pm.
Our kitchen is in need of energetic foods workers who will help keep the kitchen clean and organized, and be a positive influence in the kitchen. These positions require an individual who can follow verbal and written instructions and recipes, and understand the importance of food safety. Must be a team player, honest, hard working, self-motivated, have a basic knowledge of cooking, and simple record keeping. Must have a food handler’s permit, and be able to lift 20-30 lbs. Pleae contact Marci Johnson to apply at or 801-489-7828 option 2.