Art & Basket Auction

We are so excited for Reagan Academy’s Art & Basket Auction and we hope you are too! If you’ve never experienced the Art & Basket Auction you might be wondering what to expect.

The Art & Basket Auction is a fundraiser for our In-School Teacher Grants to help get new equipment and supplies in our classrooms. Our teachers work so hard to provide the best for our children and we can do our part to support them in their endeavors.

In order for the Art & Basket Auction to be a success, we ask families to donate a basket (or item) to be auctioned off. You can bring in your basket to the front desk and we ask that you fill out a form that includes your name, a short description of the items in your basket and the retail value of your basket.

There is another way for families to get involved and donate. Each year we have Mega Baskets that will be raffled off the night of the Auction. A few grades will share in different themes for each Mega Basket. The themes change each year so keep an eye out for details! To donate to your student(s) Mega Basket, think of anything (and we mean anything) that will work with the theme…it could be a toy, gift card, decoration, equipment, etc! ***There is also a form for Mega Basket donation***

The night of the Auction we invite you to come and enjoy the night! Baskets will be on display and ready to be auctioned off. These are part of our silent auction and can be bid on until time runs out. Each table will have a different ‘end’ time and we will announce them throughout the night. The forms will be collected and then winners names will be displayed. You will be able to pay for and pick up your winning items that night.

Mega Baskets are raffled off...and they are amazing prizes! You have a chance to win even if you only put in 1 ticket…although you have a better chance if you put in more! Raffle tickets will be sold at the front office.  (Keep your eyes peeled for more information)

We will also have food available to purchase, some are pre-sale items, as well as drinks and dessert.

The Art portion of the night is quite unique and entertaining to witness. Multiple artist will participate in a “quick draw” art project of their own where they will create an art piece within a given amount of time. You can watch them create a one-of-a-kind piece of art and participate in a live auction towards the end of the evening. Other artists will have art work on display and for sale as well.

To help keep the kiddos entertained, we will have a movie, a kids craft and a kids store with fun little knickknacks that they can purchase with their tickets. Please be sure to keep an eye on your children as the night progresses.

At the very end of the night we will draw tickets for the Mega Baskets – so be sure to put your name and phone number on the backs of each of your tickets that you plan on entering in for a Mega Basket.

We hope this gives you a better idea on what to expect from our Annual Art & Basket Auction! As always, feel free to ask any questions by emailing us at or on our Facebook page!


Here are a few examples of silent auction baskets as well as mega baskets from previous years!

844_655072467858571_769806424_n 998560_655072501191901_1849047505_n 1394137_655072314525253_2108939122_n1466312_655072327858585_92663791_n

1419498_10152048926915530_1400926435_o  1423034_10152048927540530_1946003923_o 1425654_655072474525237_816623483_n  1453226_655072394525245_561720534_n 1456084_655072334525251_1467075682_n

1423001_10152048928890530_1933832988_o 1458049_10152048929325530_1958747805_o 1462459_10152048926765530_993171297_o1450117_655072521191899_194416792_n 1464428_10152047749985530_909587838_o  1467717_10152048929625530_1661512858_o 1468287_10152048929200530_560902266_o 1468309_10152048929480530_240514096_o

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