Box Tops Contest deadline Friday, Oct 24

Hopefully those Box Tops that you have been saving all summer can now be put to good use for our school. We will be having a contest to see which classroom can collect the largest dollar value of Box Tops. Grades K – 8th can participate. For all grades the Box Tops will be collected in your child’s homeroom class except for the 6th graders where they will be collected in their 2nd period class.

The winning classroom will be treated to an ice cream party. Prizes will also be awarded for the second and third place winners. You can get other friends and family involved to help boost your child’s contribution. The contest will end Friday, Oct. 24th.

·         For a complete listing of all participating Box Top products please visit:

·         We are also collecting Campbell’s “Label’s for Education” UPC’s. They will not count towards the Box Top contest, but they help us to earn playground equipment.

·         For a complete listing of all participating Campbell products please visit:

Thanks from your Box Top Team


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