Director and Donuts and PVO Meeting Tomorrow (Wed) 8:15

Come join the Reagan Academy Administration and meet your new PVO board members tomorrow. This is a public forum where you can share your concerns and ideas to make our school great! Also, you can find out what activities are coming up and get your questions answered. We would love as much parental involvement as possible. Parents frequently bring younger siblings to this meeting, who enjoy the donuts as well. Instead of just dropping off your children, park the car and come in and participate. The meeting is held in the drop down room just as you enter the school. This meeting is held the first Wednesday of each month.

PVO Board Elections

Part of what makes Reagan Academy great is our Parent Volunteer Organization (PVO). The contributions of this organization and the volunteers they manage is immeasurable.  We have three openings on the PVO Board for the 2014-2015 school year. The positions include, president-elect (2 year position), secretary, and secretary-elect (2 year position).

Members of the PVO Board work closely with school administration to facilitate the running of school activities, organize parent volunteers, and attend monthly PVO meetings. Interested parents may send a brief summary of their background, the contribution that they feel they could make to the school, and the position that they are interested in running for to Mrs. Shade at

The deadline for bios is Friday, April 18, 2014. PVO Board elections will be held April 21-25, 2014.