School Uniform Reminder

As crazy as it sounds with us just being out for summer, many of you will start bargain shopping for uniforms in the next few weeks.   Last year we saw an increase in the number of dress code violations and wanted to be clear in our expectations for the upcoming school year.  With that in mind we wanted to give out some tips to make your shopping easier:

-Classrooms can get colder during the winter months and students will want to wear jackets, sweatshirts, etc. in the building.   These jackets must be solid Red, Navy, or White and free from any logos with the exception of the school logo.

-Remember pants may neither be tight fitting nor excessively baggy.  In addition, they may not be made of any “jean” or “jean look alike” material regardless of color.  Some styles have shifted and we have seen an increase in tighter fitting pants, jeggings, etc.  These are not considered appropriate school attire.

-Undergarments should not be visible at any times.   The exception would be a “plain” white undershirt that does not extend excessively below the bottom of an approved top.  Only leggings that are approved bottom colors may be worn and only underneath skirts that extend a minimum of 2 inches above the knee.

Remember that our uniform is accessible on our website and that staff will be here during the week  all summer long.  If you have a question or concern, please get confirmation before you buy.

Have a great summer,

Reagan Academy


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