Tomorrow (Friday, May 29) – LAST DAY!

Tomorrow (May 29th) is the LAST DAY OF SCHOOL! We hope your children have had a wonderful year and enjoyed learning at Reagan Academy. 

1:00 Dismissal

Altered Lunch Schedule
1st- 10:30
2nd- 10:45
3rd- 10:55
4th- 11:05
5th- 11:15
6th- 11:25
7th&8th- 11:35

Reagan Casual Day Rules
Students may wear clothes and accessories of their own choosing as long as they meet Reagan Academy’s dress guidelines. Jeans are allowed. However, on non-uniform days, general guidelines still apply.
Please refer to the handbook for a complete listing. The following items are not allowed:
·         Pajamas
·         Clothing with holes, tears, or stains
·         Spaghetti strap, or midriff tops
·         Clothing with vulgar, sexual, or profane words, phrases or images
·         No face paint or hair color
·         Open toe or heel shoes
·         Socks or stockings must be worn


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