Poetry Contest Winners

Poetry Contest Winners!

Congratulations to everyone who entered the 2014 Poetry Contest this year.  There were so many amazing poems that were entered, many of the judges had a very difficult time deciding on the winning poems.  After much deliberation and careful consideration, the results are in!  There were four age/grade categories this year.  The winners in each category are:

1st Place = Mason Miller, 2nd Grade for  “Volcano Eruption”
2nd Place = Savannah Jeffcoat, 1st Grade for “Yellow is”
3rd Place = Adelle Davis, 2nd Grade for for “Spring Daisies”
Honorable Mention = Eliza Gill, 2nd Grade for “Star, Star, Can I Catch You?”
Honorable Mention = Clementine Morkel, 1st Grade for “Cute Little Bunny”

1st Place = Jenna McClellan, 5th Grade for “The Monster Under My Bed”
2nd Place = Emily Lara Harding, 5th Grade for “Apologies of a Dog”
3rd Place = Hannah Clayton and Natalie Parker, 3rd Grade for “Friendship”
Honorable Mention = Samuel Eliason, 5th Grade for “The Little Turtle”

4th grade
1st Place = Grace Hill for “Springtime”
2nd Place = Rebekah Hopkins for “Nature”
3rd Place = Lilly Brower for “Flamingoes”
Honorable Mention = Adelaide Olson for “Snow Cones at Seven Peaks”

1st Place = Vanessa Goodman, 7th Grade for “Sunshine”
2nd Place = Micky Jungheim, 6th Grade for “I Am”
3rd Place = Anna Morkel, 6th Grade for “Freedom”
Honorable Mention = Mia Snarr, 6th Grade for “Friends”

Because of Mrs. Peterson’s illness in May, the publication of the 2014 Reagan Academy Poetry Book has been delayed.  More information about the cost of the book will be coming in June.  If you are interested in possibly purchasing a poetry book when more information becomes available, please email Mrs. Peterson at librarian@reaganacademy.org so that she will have your email address in order to send home information.  All prizes for participating students and for the winners will be delivered on Wednesday,Thursday, and Friday this week.  Thanks so much for a fantastic contest!  Our 2014 poetry book should be available for students to check out near the beginning of next school year.



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