Service Project/Walk-a-Thon for Lydia!

Our 6th grade classes are doing a service project to help a 2nd grade Reagan Academy student with the costs of her surgery and, the prosthetic that she needs after her surgery is complete. For more information about Lydia’s situation, visit The 6th grade has also placed cans in each classroom to collect any coins, change, or money that people want to donate to help Lydia. All of the money collected will go directly to Lydia’s family.


The students have also organized a walk-a-thon on Thursday, April 24th  –  2nd & 6th. To participate in the walk-a-thon please contact the office at 801-489-7828.  These students have had the opportunity to meet with Lydia and her mom and to learn more about her situation.  They have made a real connection with her and are  excited about the opportunity to serve her and her family.

To read about Lydia’s surgery, you can also go HERE.


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