Inspirations Regionals Winners

Inspirations Regional 1st and 2nd place winners 2013-2014… MY BEST DAY EVER

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1. Music


1st Emily Daines-Reagan Academy

2nd Esther Jorgenson- Freedom Preparatory Academy


1st Tate Gifford-Reagan Academy

2nd Cassandra Preston –C.S. Lewis


1st Cosmo Preston –C.S. Lewis*

2nd Rose Durland-Reagan Academy

2. Dance


1st Thomas Gable-Vista

2nd Sophie Gill- Reagan Academy


1st Kesslyn Zarate-Freedom Preparatory Academy

2nd Ruby Thorsen –Channing Hall


1st Katelyn Larson-Vista*

2nd Ethan Pratt-Reagan Academy

3. Visual Arts-2D


1st Olivia Vincent – C.S. Lewis

2nd Camila Sanchez – American Leadership Academy


1st Brenlie Shirts – Vista

2nd Ashton Pratt – American Leadership Academy


1st Janna Ostler – Vista

2nd Chandler Jeffcoat – Reagan Academy


1st Isaac Barahona –American Leadership Academy

2nd Annamarie Manwaring –Merit

Honorable Mention

(K-2) Jack Lambert –Vista

(6-8) Nicole Anderson –C.S. Lewis

(9-12) Isaac Petruka – ALA

4. Photography


1st Isadora Parkin – Channing Hall

2nd Chloe Nickle– Vista


1st Aralynn Luzuriaga– Reagan Academy

2nd Jerom Nickle– Vista


1st Erika Wells– Vista

2nd Kyler Zarate –Freedom Preparatory Academy


1st Annalisa Prawitt – Merit

2nd Sophia Figueroa -Merit

Honorable Mention

(K-2) Whitney Murray – C.S. Lewis

(3-5) Saniya Steflik – Reagan Academy

(6-8) Cece Burridge – Channing Hall

5. Digital Art


1st Evie Shaw – Reagan Academy

2nd Claire Northrop – Freedom Preparatory Academy


1st Audrey Douglas – Reagan Academy

2nd James McKinnon – Channing Hall


1st Juliette Park– Channing Hall

2nd Siyam Steflik – Reagan Academy


1st Jonas Batt– Freedom Preparatory Academy

2nd Jaren Hoagaard– Merit

Honorable Mention

(K-2) Ethan Crofs – Reagan Academy

(3-5) Emilia Chan – Freedom Prep

(6-8) CeCe Burridge – Channing Hall

6. Film Video


1st Ethan Honeycutt –Channing Hall*

2nd Lox Neves- Reagan Academy


1st Coulter Gill – Reagan Academy*

2nd Ben Moody –Reagan Academy

7. Theater

(K-2) 1st Mary Moody –Reagan Academy

(3-5) 1st Niyah McConaghie- Reagan Academy

(6-8) 1st Sierra Davis- Reagan Academy

8. Literature


1st – Nathan Ellinger –Reagan Academy

2nd – Sophie Neves- Reagan Academy


1st – Jaislyn Kimball- Reagan Academy

2nd- Elora Forman – C.S. Lewis


1st – Gabriel Aina- Channing Hall

2nd – Rosie Durland-Reagan Academy


1st – Blythe Gifford –Merit College Prep

Honorable Mention

(6-8) Cosmo Preston –C.S. Lewis

9. 3D Art:


1st Savannah Jeffcoat – Reagan Academy

2nd Grace Mickelson –Reagan Academy 


1st Colton Davis –Reagan Academy

2nd Brooklyn Larson – Vista Charter


1st Cadence Peterson –Reagan Academy

2nd Makaylee Fitzgarrald –C.S. Lewis


1st Marguerite Morgan – American Leadership Academy

2nd Isaac Petrucka – American Leadership Academy

Honorable Mention

(K-2) Jaden Slack – C. S. Lewis

(3-5) Connor Pattee – Channing Hall

(6-8) Joshua Olson – Channing Hall

Kaylen Kump – MCPA


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