White Ribbon Week

This week is White Ribbon Week! Our theme this year is, “Let’s Get Real!” This week is focused on teaching our kids how to be safe while they are online and on different types of media.

The students are able to earn tickets for participation – for example: wearing WHITE each day of the week (1 ticket per day), keeping your white wristband on all week long (1 ticker per day), memorizing each day’s Power Boost statement (tell it to your teacher), signing the clean and safe media pledge, writing an internet safety essay, having your parents sign the 15 internet safety tips for parents, adding a filter on your home computer, and having a discussion with your kids that go along with the daily power boosts! Tickets are entered in drawings for different prizes. Click here for the packet which your student(s) were given last Thursday:  White Ribbon Week

Dress in White!

Tuesday – Thursday: Wear white uniforms

Friday – Casual Dress (must follow Reagan Academy’s guidelines for casual dress!) – Wear as much white as possible!


Monday – “I will always talk to a trusted adult right away about anything that makes me feel uncomfortable or doesn’t seem right on the internet or in the media.”

Tuesday – “I will swap media time for a REAL-LIFE experience each day.”

Wednesday – “I will use technology to show kindness and respect to everyone. I won’t get tied up in cyber bullying!”

Thursday – “Not everything I see online is real”

Friday – “I will help those around me to make smart choices in the media and online.”

white ribbon


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