Board of Trustees Message

Dear Parents,

We would like to thank you for the sacrifices you make to improve Reagan Academy.  Every year we make more progress, have stronger academics, and better citizenship.  Part of what makes Reagan Academy great is our parents!  Whether it be volunteering, helping your student with homework and projects, or serving in leadership at the school, your contributions are greatly needed and very much appreciated.

We regret to announce the resignation of Ben Larson from our board of trustees. Ben has received an ecclesiastical assignment which requires a large amount of his time. We wish to extend our sincere, heart-felt thanks to Ben and his family.  Ben has served on our board for five years, with three of those years as our board treasurer.  That is a position that carries a great deal of responsibility and accountability to the state.  Ben has been a vital part of the board, and we thank him for his time, energy, and commitment to our school.  He has served remarkably well, and we will greatly miss his substantial contribution.

This resignation now leaves an opening on our board. To serve on the board of trustees, candidates must meet certain criteria.  These criteria are as follows:

• Parents are eligible to run for a board position after their student has attended the school for a minimum of one year.
•The candidate may not be a spouse or immediate family member of any employee at the school.
•The candidate or candidate’s family must have completed their volunteer hours.
•If elected, the new board member must be willing to submit to a background check.
•The position involves a minimum two-year commitment.

Over the past several years, the Reagan Academy Board of Trustees has invested many hours in completing in-depth policy governance training. As a result, the board has shifted to a role of governance as it maintains the governing policies of the school and serves as the keeper of the vision and mission of the school. The board is also responsible to uphold the charter, while the daily operations of the school are handled by our very capable management team.

We are looking for candidates that believe in and are dedicated to the reasons for which the school exists.  The requirements for serving on the board include monthly board meetings, a few work sessions throughout the year, and strategic planning in the summer.  Occasionally there are issues that arise that need to be addressed outside the monthly meeting, however, each board member receives 24 hours notice in the event of an emergency meeting.

Candidates are required to read the attached documents, write a brief summary of their background and qualifications to serve on the board, and include a paragraph that tells of the contribution they feel they would make to the school.  This information should then be emailed to  Please include contact information.  Candidates may also submit their application to the school office. Anyone wishing to review the board’s governing policies may do so at the office.

Applications must be received by February 21, 2014.

Thank you again, parents. You help to make our school a great place to educate our children.

Warm regards,

Ronald Wilson Reagan Academy
Board of Trustees

Lorie Wilkins, Chairman
Jason Douglas, Vice Chairman
Tonya Fischio, Secretary
Bryan Thayn, Board Member



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