Art & Basket Auction – TOMORROW!

One more day until Reagan Academy’s 8th Annual Art and Basket Auction!  Our mega baskets look awesome thanks to all of the donations we have received from our awesome parents and staff.  Thank you!!!  We are seeing some great family baskets coming in but are still short of  our goal.  Please continue to bring in your family baskets and help your kids win an ice cream party for their class.  Tickets are now for sale at the front office.  They can be purchased at the front desk until Friday at the end of school 12 for $10.  They can also be purchased the night of the auction 10 for $10.  We are  still Pre selling whole extra large Domino’s pizza’s until the end of the school day today.   There has been some questions as to if this will be the normal Domino’s pizza or the Domino’s pizza served for school lunch, we will be serving the normal Domino’s pizza.
These are Items you will need tickets for – Costco hand dipped chocolate ice cream bars – 3 tickets, Large slice Domino’s pizza – 2 tickets,  soda -1 ticket, face painting – 2 tickets, kids marketplace – varied amount of tickets, chocolate dipped marshmallows – 1 ticket, caricatures – 5 tickets,  i am…photographs – 2 tickets.  We will also be showing Madagascar 3 for free.
Listed below is a schedule of events
* 6-9 Inspirations Showcase in the drop down
* 6-7:50  Silent Auction
* 6:10-6:30 and 6:40-7 sneak peek of upcoming drama production The Music Man
* 8:00 Live art auction
* 8:30 Mega Baskets

We are very excited to have some great artists joining us for the evening.  Listed are there names and some of them have websites where you can get a sneak peek of their art work.  We have Rebecca Cameau, Carlene Walloch, Paulette Ostler,  Jerry Anderson, Julie Olson,  Howard Fullmer, Maryn Roos , Shawna Tenney , Manelle Oliphant , and
Jennifer Eichelberger


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